Inside the Journey to Take Back Islam
Be a part of the solution. 
Monthly Dr. Jasser will share his personal thoughts, insights and opinions related to the radicalization of Islam. 
The Reform Report

Together we will explore the many facets of life in America as a faithful Muslim. What the radicalization of our faith has done to our families and how together we can work to stop ISIS while actively and aggressively campaigning for those who are vulnerable to their sweet words of recruitment. 

I will share with you my personal thoughts and opinions that often don't make good sounds bites for the 5 o'clock news - they aren't politically correct or sexy enough to generate ratings - but they are thoughts that need to be shared, cultivated and explored. 

I will ask for your thoughts and challenge you to work within your own circle of family, friends and peers to start the conversation that many don't want to have or don't understand the need for, "why is it important to reform Islam and how does this affect me and my family"?  

Understanding the need for change.  Start here.